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Taking Your Online Date To A Holiday Party?

It’s my favorite time of the year; the dating scene in California is starting to warm up and the weather outside hits a chilly 70 degrees! Then, suddenly, you start to notice the same repeating phrase at the bottom of everyones Tinder Profile, “I need a date to my office party”.

Nothing says, “swipe right” quite like the idea of going to a Christmas party with a complete stranger and getting bombarded by the people who see them daily!

You don’t have to be a matchmaker, an industry insider, or any kind of dating professional to know that this is an idea that you should probably skip this year.

Here are a couple reasons why this absolutely spells disaster:

  1. It makes you seem kind of desperate (a word that should strike terror in the heart of those who are single)

Some people may think it seems cute to be so upfront about the fact that you’re only looking for someone to take to an office party so you can poorly disguise your loneliness until the next holiday season, some people.

2. People ask questions!

If you suddenly show up with a date to a holiday party your coworkers are going to make polite small talk, which entails asking how you met (Tinder), how long you’ve known each other (we met at Starbucks 13 minutes before driving here),what do they do for a living (one of their pictures was a cat?) and all of that fun stuff that can be hard to answer when your date is basically a stranger.

Bottom Line: Just don’t.

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