[Review] Our 4 Takeaways from the Matchmaking Institute Confernece program in New York 2019

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Cinqe matchmaking headed to the east coast for Matchmaking Institutes training and continued education program run by Lisa Clampitt. 

Here are our takeaways:

  1. Having an evening with Helen Fisher, the world famous researcher, known for her Ted Talk in 2008 linked here, The Brain In Love, https://www.ted.com/talks/helen_fisher_studies_the_brain_in_love?language=en  We honored her with a lifetime achievement award for our industry and We shared moments of her that are priceless. She shared how she met her boyfriend, why she loves our industry, and why Matchmakers are needed in this world.
  2. The power of networking within the elite matchmaking society.  Meeting Carmelia Ray host and matchmaker of Mom Vs Matchmaker, talking sales and client matching strategies really connected us together.
  3. Dr Teri Orbuch presentation on the Science of Love, learning how she followed 373 couples thru a lifetime of love and/or divorce.
  4. Elizabeth Coby Piper, and her 6 principals of dating success. Powerful discovery on the 6 traits for a successful outcome. 

These are just a few great moments. We look forward to many more years attending these workshops.  Highly recommended to anyone who is the Love Industry. 


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