Tired of Silicon Valley’s Fast Paced Dating Scene?

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In a place where there’s many options and diversity so many more ways to connect why does it seem like we can’t find anyone willing to stick around? Its time to turn misconnections into Miss Connections ;).

With so many different cultures and so many different types of people in this area you actually get a choice. So start choosing! First off stop saying yes to things you don’t want. This is the biggest mistake when dating. Yes, sometimes it’s good to come to an agreement and try new things but you should never have to say yes to stuff you really don’t enjoy.

How To Deal

The best way to get ahead with this fast paced dating scene is by knowing exactly what you want. Take a second and go back why did you not enjoy the last guy you were with why did it end. Has all of the connections you have been making started and ended similarly? I know sometimes it seems silly to ask ourselves these questions but dang if we don’t we may end up with some toad that just stuck around for long enough to make you think they were the only option.

Don’t involve yourself with the rat race take your time getting to know someone there really isn’t a rush to get into anything you have your whole life to fall in love. I remember I was talking to someone a couple years ago and we ended up not meeting. A couple months later the man was married! Unbelievable! The most interesting part about it is that I recently saw him and he is now divorced. Easy come easy go as I say.

Slow Down A Bit

Go out there looking for the person of your dreams and do not settle for anything less. Thanks to dating sites and the web the bay area has realized there are an abundance of singles very near you very ready to talk to you. One of my favorite ways to slow down the process around this is by going out only looking to be a friend. The relationships we build with friends and then later develop into deeper bonds are always cherished more. Sadly but honestly we all know we value things that we have to work harder for more, just remember you are worth it.

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