The Number 1 Killer of Relationships

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[Assumptions] are the #1 killer of any relationship. Friendship, romantic, family … business…

What do assumptions sound like?
▪️He didn’t call me tonight, so obviously he is not interested.
▪️My colleague didn’t invite me to her dinner party because she doesn’t like me.
▪️My boss talks to other employees more than me because he regrets hiring me.
▪️He’s so quiet, he’s obviously weird, I don’t want to know him.
▪️I can just tell he/she thinks I am not their type.

Not sure if you are or are not making an assumption?

Ask yourself the following:
🔹What facts do I have to prove this thought is true?
🔹What facts do I have to prove this thought isn’t true?
🔹Is it my own observation, or did someone else tell me this and I assumed it to be true?

Also look at what others say to you in relationships. Do you often get told to “stop telling me what I think?” Have people said to you, “you are always putting words in my mouth”? Or do friends and partners say things like, “you always assume you know how I feel when you don’t?”

Then look at key phrases that indicate assumptions, such as,
🔸”I’m sure that…”,
🔸“I can tell that…”,
🔸“I just have a feeling that…”, or
🔸“obviously, he/she…”.


Credit @harleytherapyclinic




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