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Los Angeles Dating Experts
“Oh my god, it’s like my boyfriend is my child!” or “I don’t have a child. My husband is my child.” are probably the most inappropriate statements to utter about your significant other.

It isn’t cute that you feel like the person you’re dating requires constant supervision and handholding to make their way through life. Relationships are first and foremost supposed to be about E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y. There should never be someone who feels like they’re carrying the majority of the weight, this isn’t a sustainable solution and will ultimately kill your relationship.

If that isn’t necessarily the case or what’s really going on then all you’re doing is emasculating or infantilizing your partner in front of other people.

I personally feel like this is one of those statements that people make so thoughtlessly that not even they really stop and think about why they’re making that observation so casually and what weight it really holds. If you really feel that way you should truly take a step back and ask yourself whether or not their lack of responsibility or perceived is something you could deal with.Would you really want to be responsible for your partner for the rest of your life? Some of us don’t mind being the sole provider of common sense and reason, but some of us would really just like to date someone who has their shit in order.

I don’t necessarily enjoy the feeling of constantly worrying about the manic pixie in my life and whether or not they’re capable of “adulting” when I turn my back.

Is this person going to put tin foil in the microwave when I’m not around? Will they kill all my plants if I let them housesit while I’m on vacation? Am I going to be the only person who remembers to feed our kids?

That isn’t worth all the fun montages of our kitchen being flooded and my manic pixie playfully laughing. Mold grows under tile and I need an adult.

Mold grows under tile and I need an adult.

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