It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year….Unless You’re Single
The holidays are such a beautiful time; our loved ones all meetup and gather around the table, their faces warm as they turn to you, and then they roast the living hell out of you because this is the umpteenth year in a row that you have no date. It can be pure hell to...
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top high-end matchmaking site
Dear Single Women Who are Dating and Above the Age of 45, Why am I writing this for single women over the age of 45? Because that is the age of most of the women I speak with on a daily basis at Cinqe.com, so I feel confident saying that you are terrible at doing...
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Single In California
I was interviewing a complimentary membership member yesterday, where the candidate asked me a question I get all the time, “how can you be a single matchmaker?!” Although I am dating someone, I am unmarried. I wanted to share my response, “… being single has allowed me to learn so much from; -Self-observation, -awareness, and...
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