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5 Tips For Approaching Women | Single In California
This isn’t your mother’s dating scene anymore. Technology has taken dating into a new direction that I doubt anyone could have foreseen when they were waiting 30 minutes for a photo to download. But, if for some reason there was someone who foresaw this boom they definitely invested in an app or a matchmaking company....
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What exactly is date coaching? Certified dating coach Katy Clark is here to answer all of your questions!   Follow our blog +YouTube page for more posts on dating, relationships, and matchmaking!  
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Single In California
I was interviewing a complimentary membership member yesterday, where the candidate asked me a question I get all the time, “how can you be a single matchmaker?!” Although I am dating someone, I am unmarried. I wanted to share my response, “… being single has allowed me to learn so much from; -Self-observation, -awareness, and...
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