Napa Matchmaking Service Seeking Singles For Our Napa/Sonoma/Healdsburg Clients

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Our 39 yr old vino-loving Millionaire bachelor is seeking his perfect soulmate.

In his own words:

I’m a born and raised Napa boy, and like any good country boy, I clean up good and know how to turn on the charm. I love spending the weekend outside exploring the area, BBQing with friends, and harassing my dog. (He secretly loves it, of course.) I will warn you that I dance like a fool at weddings. Really. I will embarrass you. But if I do my job right, you’ll be laughing too much to care.

I’m an adventurous spirit, and I love to travel.

I’ve been to all seven continents, and I’m looking for a partner who is adventurous and open to trying new things and experiences.

I’m also a foodie, and I enjoy trying new cuisine from all over the world.


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