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Whether you call it SF, Fog City, The City by the Bay, or heaven forbid – San Fran, there’s no doubt that San Francisco is an iconic city. With more than 800,000 people calling the city their home, there are plenty of high-quality, top-tier singles looking for love.

But finding those successful singles on your own isn’t easy, especially when you’re busy running your career. Not to worry, that’s where Cinqe’s San Francisco matchmaking service steps in.

Our SF-based Matchmaking team is considered the Top Matchmaking Company in California. With the largest network of one-of-a-kind elite singles who live in San Francisco and the surrounding area, we are the matchmaking company to join.

We work by your side to help you find the perfect partner. Whether you enjoy dining out or spending time on the golf course, our certified and experienced matchmakers know what it takes to find the ideal person for you.

We believe in fostering true relationships, not just setting up one-time dates. Thus, we have a variety of services and packages available, from date coaching and image consulting to our old-fashioned matchmaking services. We also understand that our client’s privacy is of the utmost importance, which is why we take rigorous measures to protect your privacy.

At Cinqe, we will match you with genuine, quality men or women who are ready for a relationship.

What is matchmaking?

Matchmaking services have become an increasingly popular way for single people to find meaningful relationships without the hassle of traditional dating. These services are typically provided by elites with experience in relevant fields such as psychology and matchmaking, who give single clients personalized advice and perspectives on their respective dating lives. They listen attentively to each single’s individual needs and desires, and then carefully craft a plan to help maximize the potential for long-term compatibility. Matchmaking services have been seen as a breakthrough for single people who are having difficulty finding success in the dating world.

When do I hire a matchmaker?

Being single in the dating world these days can be difficult and stressful. In San Francisco, it could become even more confusing and frustrating. When trying to meet someone special on your own, there is no telling how many bad dates or awkward experiences may occur before you find a match. That’s why for SF’s single elite, a matchmaking service may be their best bet. With access to myriad single professionals looking for the same thing, finding the perfect match can become easier and more efficient. There is no need to continue wasting time on dead-end romantic connections when you can skip straight to one that could last forever. A good matchmaking service will make sure you don’t have to deal with any of the headache that comes with single life in San Francisco and help you find love efficiently and effectively.

Why should I consider Cinqe Matchmaking?

If you’re single and dating in San Francisco, there’s no better place to go than Cinqe Matchmaking. Founded by Erica Arrechea, who grew up in Burlingame, California, the matchmaking service specializes in helping singles find their perfect match. As one of the most elite matchmaking services in the area, Cinqe takes extra steps to ensure that matches are carefully chosen from its roster of single professionals. With this kind of personalized attention combined with a team dedicated to finding you the best possible partner, Cinqe provides unparalleled expertise in San Francisco’s single scene. If you’re ready to take your search for love to the next level and start your journey towards true commitment, why look any further than Cinqe Matchmaking?



Top Silicon Valley Matchmaker

Erica Arrechea, a Bay Area native, is the go-to matchmaker for single San Francisco’s elite singles, having a proven track record of success stories from clients all across the city. Using established criteria and an eye for detail, she has singlehandedly cultivated a reputation as one of the best matchmakers in town. Coupled with her experience in interpersonal relations and lifestyle preferences, Erica crafts relationships that last a lifetime, creating lasting connections between single daters of all walks of life. With years of expertise under her belt and the right set of tools to make meaningful matches, single people come to Erica’s service to find perfect dates that fulfill their dating dreams..

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