Capturing Excellence in Portraits: A Review of Javi Alvarez, New York’s Top Professional Headshot Photographer

Recently, our team at Cinqe Matchmaking had the joy of working with Javi Alvarez, an outstanding New York photographer specializing in headshots. Our visit to his Brooklyn studio resulted in a collection of remarkable in-studio headshots. Javi’s professionalism, creativity, and understanding of light and angles allowed him to capture the essence of each individual beautifully. What made the experience truly memorable was his ability to exceed expectations and deliver high-quality shots in a timely manner, particularly for our team of busy professionals with limited time.

Javi Alvarez top New York photographer with Rachel London, Annie Garmendia and Erica Arrechea of Cinqe matchmaking

Javi Alvarez is not only a talented photographer but also an engaging and considerate individual. We undoubtedly recommend him for professional headshots in New York. His work reflects not just his enviable skills as a top New York photographer but also his passion for his craft.

About Javi: Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, Javi Alvarez is a budding filmmaker and experienced business and M&A advisor. After moving to New York in 2015, he founded Alvarez Cayrol, a boutique strategy consulting firm. His love for photography blossomed from a young age and found a new avenue in 2020 when he started capturing movement with motion.

Javi’s unique blend of skills, from 15 years in international strategy consulting, corporate finance, marketing, and operations, equips him to help organizations translate business value into dynamic, artistic images driving business results.

Know more about Javi’s work at: Javi Alvarez Photography

To book Javi for professional headshots, visit: Book Javi Alvarez

Review his work on Instagram: www.instagram.com/javialvarez.co