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It can be hard to keep the passion alive and going strong.

Being in a relationship is AMAZING because you don’t have to try so hard perfect all the time. You don’t have to pretend that you look amazing all the time and you can just relax and settle into the endless nights of Netflix. Unfortunately, all of that comfort and binge watching OITNB can lead you feeling less than sexy.

It’s nice to occasionally put some effort into feeling attractive for yourself and for your partner. People are people and that means that we like to look at things that look nice. Los Angeles is full of aspiring Instagram models always prepped for the next selfie. This doesn’t mean that your significant other is going to scamper away to be someone else’s lifelong human tripod, but it does mean that when you’re seeing beautiful people running around you’d like to see the beautiful person you fell in love with too.

Take the time to both get dressed up like you’re going on a first date. It can be so much fun to break out of your rut and to do something that reminds you that your partner is just as special and interesting.”Self-love”, isn’t just another buzzword floating around the internet. It’s important to take care of yourself because when you’re the best when you feel the best.

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