How To Get To Date #2 | 5 Important Things

How To Get To Date #2 | 5 Important Things

As a Top Matchmaker for Successful Singles, I am always asked, what are some tricks or strategies to ensure a second date?

What if I told you it was more important to nail the first 5 minutes of meeting someone rather than having a set of lines or conversation material?

Don’t get me wrong, the entire date experience is important, but according to psychologists, it takes anywhere from 90 seconds to 4 minutes, to decide whether you like someone or not. That’s insane!!!

It all boils down to 5 simple things….our 5 basic senses:
  • Attraction (eyes)
  • What they sound like (ears)
  • How they smell (nose)
  • Perception of health (taste)
  • Body Language (touch)

Attraction – Eyes

My mother always told me to look presentable wherever you go because you never know who you may run into or meet, even if you’re are just walking down the block.

So if you are meeting someone you just swiped right to online or someone you met with friends, always, always look your best. You don’t have to be flawless, but be manicured, be trimmed; women, it wouldn’t hurt to put on a little makeup, doesn’t have to be intense, just define your natural beauty.

What they sound like – Ears

Research shows that 38% of why some wants to see you again is based on the speed and tone of your voice.

So fellas,  breathe, be confident when you speak, and remember to clear your throat before that initial “hello, it’s nice to meet you” routine.

And ladies, remember to breath, don’t talk too fast, or too loud.

How they smell – Nose

I’d like to this this ones common sense, but sadly it’s still worth mentioning.

Shower….put on scented lotion, cologne or perfume, for your date, just please conservative and don’t dowse yourself in it.

Perception of health – Taste

Bad breath is such a major turn off and can be a clear indication of what a persons lifestyle is like, which ultimately can say a lot about the overall state of someone’s health.

People with healthy lifestyles are more likely to want a make with an equally if not better lifestyle/health status.

Body language – touch

Psychologists have determined that 55% of the reason you score date two, is based on your body language.

Be confident. When meeting someone for the first time, welcome them with a smile on your face, have good posture, and be enthusiastic!


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