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SF Based Single Women for 24-yr old successful Princeton grad

24 year old, who lives in San Francisco. Graduated Princeton a few years ago, very successful, incredibly handsome, honorable and kind. Looking for a serious relationship with a smart, kind, mature woman. He’s 6’3″. She needs to be attractive, slim-ish and smart. She would be nurturing, not controlling, bossy or Jappy. Wants someone career minded,...
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top high-end matchmaking site

[VIDEO] How do matchmakers find women for their paying male clients?

One of the most common questions a matchmaker gets! Matchmakers have the largest networks in your area, period. We find women from friends, social media, advertising, referrals from other matchmakers and events we hold. We are cupid hunters. More at Cinqe.com
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OC Date Coach

Break Out of Your Rut | OC Date Coach

It can be hard to keep the passion alive and going strong. Being in a relationship is AMAZING because you don’t have to try so hard perfect all the time. You don’t have to pretend that you look amazing all the time and you can just relax and settle into the endless nights of Netflix....
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